This post is also available in: Arabic

  • Teaching about Propaganda Past, Present and Future

    Teaching about Propaganda Past, Present and Future

    This post is also available in: Arabic

    Dr. Hobbs showed participants how to recognize the techniques of propaganda and invited faculty participants to fight negative propaganda through education, specifically media and digital literacy education. […]

  • By Any Media Necessary

    By Any Media Necessary

    Dr. Henry Jenkins and Dr. Sangita Shresthova explored specific promises and challenges through a case study of American Muslim youth networks that confront the often harsh political climate of Post-9/11 America: moderate Muslim voices have struggled to find a means of entering an increasingly polarized discussion around Islamaphobic and extremist perspectives.

  • Media Literacy and MDLAB

    Media Literacy and MDLAB

    Dr. Jad Melki opened the Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut (MDLAB) 2016 with a lecture about media literacy and the missions and goals of MDLAB.

  • Internet governance

    Internet governance

    How is the internet governed and regulated by governments, private sectors, and civil society and how this shapes the evolution and use of the Internet?

  • Communication design of modern terrorism

    Communication design of modern terrorism

    How is ISIS communicating with the world ? What tools is it using to spread its ideology? and what are the ways in which the media perpetuates and reinforces ISIS' messages? Dr. Jad Melki discussed all that [...]

  • Privacy, Profits, and Security

    Privacy, Profits, and Security

    "Governments are tracking you no matter what you do!" During MDLAB 2015, Dr. Moses Shumow covered the definition of privacy and showed the difference between the concept of privacy before and after

  • Media and Civic Activism

    Media and Civic Activism

    Building on Social media, surveillance, and privacy and Cyberactivism and and E-Mobility Dr. Paul Mihailidis addressed the influence of the media

  • Frontiers of Arab Media Literacy

    Frontiers of Arab Media Literacy

    Why is ISIS an important phenomena? Why is the west interested in ISIS? What is the relationship between extremism, sectarianism, and terrorism and media?

  • Media and Terrorism

    Media and Terrorism

    Dr. Reese discussed how terrorist groups do not mind that the media covers their news and that sometimes they purposely carry out big operations in order to attract the media.

  • Covering War and Human Rights

    Covering War and Human Rights

    Dr. Susan Moeller opened her lecture by stating that "We are now living in an era of images". Dr. Susan Moeller walked through Haiti 2010 earthquake, the Malaysian 2014 airplane bombing,

MDLAB works on the expansion of media and digital literacy education in the Arab world by providing the needed training, curricular material and resources, and motivating faculty to transfer what they learned to their institutions. So far, MDLAB has succeeded in introducing media and digital literacy to 30 Arab universities and a handful of schools in 12 Arab countries. The academy works on developing MDL curriculum that includes modules and training manuals including course plans, multimedia, and case studies.

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